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Why are we here?

Here at SBM ​Fitness, we recognize everyone has a different perception of health, fitness, or wellness. Some are seeking a vigorous workout in order to lose weight. Athletes are wanting specific work outs that enhance their competitive performance. Others simply want stretching and a light overall workout, and still others want to take fitness to a new level of SBM ​Fitness and choose a holistic approach, a comprehensive package that helps them “run on all cylinders.”

Those interested in exploring the mind-body connection and how it relates to overall well-being should consider our holistic health classes and one on one coaching. It focuses on each area of the physical body as well as how each area relates and contributes to overall creative, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Key life factors that affect the holistic health of your body are what you put into your body, what you do to exercise it, and how you deal with and manage stress.

Holistic wellness at SBM ​Fitness is based on identifying, optimizing and sustaining a balance of these life factors. SBM ​Fitness looks through the prism of holistic wellness and asks these questions:

  • How are you supporting your overall bone health?
  • What are you doing to strengthen your muscles?
  • How is nutrition affecting your mood, performance and overall happiness?
  • Are you doing the right type of exercises to strengthen your heart?
  • Does your body feel balanced?
  • Can you move without pain and with a full range of motion?
  • How do you support your own recovery from workouts and stress?

By understanding these factors for you presently, we can custom tailor a holistic plan to fit your life and help you achieve your goals. One way we do this is by measuring and managing such factors as your cardio and strength performance, body composition statistics, posture analysis, sport performance, flexibility testing and ideal ratios of exercise to rest.

Imagine empowering your body and mind to become the person you want to be. Imagine a plan that does all this while you sweat, release toxins, and feel phenomenal. But whatever program and intensity level you choose, we help turn your imagination into reality. We listen to you, motivate you, challenge you, and sometimes even entertain you so you can get on with the business – and pleasure – of building a better life for yourself and your community.

Achieve SBM

SBM ​Fitness has the equipment and expert personnel to accommodate your needs and help you achieve your goals. Whether your goals are short-term or long-term, we are here to help you!

Be Here Now.

SBM Fitness is excited to announce that we have opened up a new group fitness studio right next door!
We offer an exciting variety of classes to hit it hard, stretch it out and get stronger.

Human SBM ​Fitness

At SBM ​Fitness we use symbols of the human energy system or chakras to represent the fully actualized or ideally balanced human. When we have fully developed each part of ourselves, we will be more effective in every area of our lives.

Word on the street


"I have been working with owner​,​Yuhui Chen​,​for more than 3 years. She is the first fitness professional who was able to give me full, high-intensity workouts despite by my long-term back injury issues. She is highly focused on not just getting immediate results for me - which she does - but also on my capacity for self-improvement and my long-term overall health. She is so creative and inspirational in her methodology that my wife and all three of my children are also her clients." —  Scott, Palo Alto​​


"Hi Im Kathy and I started Regine's personal training program last year and have noticed a big difference in my strength and agility after six weeks with her. Regine is a wonderful instructor with a lot of experience. Although I am often late to class, she is always patiently waiting with a smiling face. Her class is very motivating. We work on cardio, core and overall strength activities. I feel so much stronger and my body is toned now. Overall I am very pleased with my results and I will continue with the program. " — Kathy Ansari


"Regine is an amazing personal trainer! Her enthusiasm and knowledge as well as Her ability to motivate her clients is unmatched. I have been working one on one with Regine for a long time and I have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina. I would highly recommend Regine to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer." — Monica p

jason parry

"Having detached a knee ligament, I refused to exercise for fear of doing further damage to the knee. When​ ​Terry took me on as a client, I was in bad shape (both physically and psychologically). Working with her has​ ​restored my lost strength AND confidence. Terry is a gem of a trainer!.
" — N ShostakPortola Valley, CA


"Growing up in athletics and competing in sports thru-out college, once I began working longer hrs. I​ ​developed both inflexibility and some muscular weakness. Working with Terry has helped to improve bot​h ​areas immensely, as well strengthening me for basketball and golf." — S BowsherMenlo Park, CA


"The clean, spacious atmosphere at SBM ​Fitness encourages dedication to health and wellness. Working out on a wide variety of new equipment provides choices eliminating the boredom of doing the same old thing repeatedly. Jeremy Lewis expertly moves clients from Pilates Reformer to lifting dead weights to stretching on the massage table. I have profited enormously!" — Joan Stutes (Investment Advisor Representative)


"What I like about SBM ​Fitness is the personal attention that I get in reaching my fitness goals. The gym is conveniently located near public transportation, and I can get there by bike. There is also ample parking in and around downtown Menlo Park. Jeremy keeps the workouts lively, energetic, and fun. The steps to transformation are gradual and attainable in every session. The cost per session is also reasonable. If you're compelled to improve and seek results, I would recommend Jeremy and his staff highly to other students seeking to improve their overall health." — John Asenso (Zumba Instructor)


"Yuhui is the ultimate trainer.  She customizes the physical training to the needs of each person, and strives to fulfill the goal of improving not just the body, but also the mind and the soul.  Every session with her is an inspiring challenge and a personal growth opportunity." — Dick Levy


"Growing up in athletics and competing in sports thru-out college, once I began working longer hrs. I
  developed both inflexibility and some muscular weakness. Working with Terry has helped to improve both areas immensely, as well strengthening me for basketball and golf." — Steve Bowsher


"I was apprehensive to begin working with someone to help me reach my fitness goals, but I am so glad I ended up seeking Josh's help. I've never been the most athletic person, and was worried my lack of skill and knowledge in strength training would be an issue (and a little embarrassing), but with his patience and help I'm already feeling leaner,stronger and amazing! He's given me the push I needed to get my fitness goals on track and help me turn my "whens" into "nows". Seeing results is such a great feeling and I'm looking forward to continue working with him!" — Jaide Smittle


"I trained with Gina at SBM for six months with the goal of getting in shape for the summer. She has the best work ethics and worked with me to find the best workout program that matched my desired goals. Gina kept me mentally and physically motivated, pushed me to reach new limits, and kept the routines fun and challenging. With her help, I lost weight, gained muscle mass, and was finally able to get my bikini body back! The S​BM​ facility was a great place for my workout. It had all the required equipment, it was clean, quiet, and very close by. I highly recommend S​BM and Gina for anyone that wants to get in shape!." — Nely Gamini

A Holistic Approach

Holistic wellness at SBM ​Fitness is based on identifying, optimizing and sustaining a balance of these life factors.

Our​ T​eam


Yuhui Chen​



Chelsea Fleher





Matt M

Matt M










We listen.

We listen to you, motivate you, challenge you, and sometimes even entertain you so you can get on with the business – and pleasure – of building a better life for yourself and your community.

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About our Interior Designer

The words intense and calm may sound contradicting; however, creating a motivating, yet calming, environment was the design goal for Empowerment Fitness and its clients. I was able to combine my athletic background in gymnastics with an artistic sense to allow me to understand and create a space that portrays Colin’s human energy or “chakra” inspired training approach. The green is a “get fit” color in contrast with the calm grey that is just light enough to avoid creating a cave-like atmosphere. Simple, natural, and soothing décor lines his newly remodeled storefront while recycled cardboard lights hang weightlessly for clients and pedestrians to enjoy. The décor comes from local furnishings stores such as Inhabiture, a downtown Palo Alto store that features beautiful reclaimed and recycled, non-toxic, organic, and locally-produced furnishings, and Harvest, another local boutique in Menlo Park. The beautiful recycled cardboard lights are designed by Graypants, a company based in Amsterdam. In order to create this motivating yet peaceful space, color and natural elements were brought together in a clean and simple design.

Nicole graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Architectural Design from Stanford University where she also captained the Stanford Women’s Gymnastics team. She is interning at NASA in Houston, TX for the summer of 2013.

For more information or general inquires, feel free to contact Nicole Pechanec at

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Empowering you.

Join us in this amazing journey at SBM ​Fitness and reach your full potential today.

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